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Why Does a Horse Need to be Rescued?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Have you ever thought about what happens to unwanted horses and what makes them unwanted in the first place?

Horses needs rescuing for a wide range of reasons. Their families can no longer care for them or their owner has passed away. Some people get in over their head with the number of animals in their care. There are also situations in which horses are in poor conditions and need to be removed and rehomed.

Lending a Helping Hand

There are more horses in need than there are rescues to help them, but every life we can save or make better matters.

Some of the horses that come to us because they are suffering from past trauma. It's hard to believe, but there is still a strongly held belief that horses need to be dominated, struck, and punished in order to be obedient to us and safe to handle.

The Opposite is True

Horses that are treated kindly and with respect of their nature and individuality thrive. Horses that are pushed beyond their physical and emotional limits struggle to cope. These horses can become highly stressed, reactive, and even dangerous.

Where Do They Go?

These horses' lives often end tragically.

Horses with behavior problems often get shuttled from home to home. Sometimes they end up at an auction where an unsuspecting buyer ends up with a horse they didn't expect or aren't equipped to handle Some of these behavior problems can have a physical component associated with them too. Still others are in store for more abuse when they go to a trainer or owner who is committed to "setting that horse straight." This leads to a deeper level of suffering for the horse and a high probability of the horse becoming even more unpredictable, fearful, or aggressive. At that point, the horse may end up back at the auction being bid on by those in the business of disposing of unwanted horses by transporting them to slaughter houses.

Be the Change

We strive to revolutionize the horse industry, to reduce the number of cases of unwanted, neglected, and traumatized horses. We know how powerful horses have been in our lives. We want others to experience their generosity, love, and ability to help us heal ourselves. Join us in this quest to help horses and help ourselves. Make your world and theirs a better place.

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