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Pure Joy Horse Haven

A Sanctuary for Horses and Humans

Our mission
  1. Put an end to equine neglect, abuse, and suffering

  2. Provide lifetime sanctuary for horses who find their way to us.

  3. Rehabilitate horses with emotional trauma and severe behavioral issues.

  4. Inspire humans to practice humane horse training, care, and management.

  5. Offer welfare-centered services and an educational resource to the horse community.

 sponsor a haven horse!
This beautiful gray horse suffered from physical and emotional trauma.  We helped him heal and live a happy life.

50% discount at all events for monthly donors! 

All donors are invited to the Haven

to meet and interact with the horses you are helping. 

Contact us to schedule your visit!

Meet the Haven Horses
Our Horses
Haven Headlines
Thank you for helping us Help
All Horses Live joyful Lives 
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