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A Haven for Horses and Humans

Our mission is to restore, rebuild, and provide lifetime sanctuary to horses who have suffered from physical trauma and emotional abuse.   We offer education on welfare-centered stewardship of the horse and equine-assisted

opportunities for personal growth and healing.

Our Pledge
  1. Care for and rehabilitate horses with severe behavioral issues and emotional trauma.

  2. Heal and provide long-term care for horses suffering from chronic physical issues. 

  3. Share the benefits of compassionate care and training in the horse community.

  4. Offer services that improve the lives of horses and humans.

  5. Provide free science-based information and education.


Pure Joy Horse Haven is up and running and growing fast!  We are so happy to be able to provide a safe place for horses to come who need to feel safe, get the care they need, and the understanding they deserve.  

We'd also like to invite you to explore our Event Calendar

where you'll find the schedule for upcoming Horse Haven Gatherings

as well as a great selection of educational opportunities at Pure Joy Horsemanship

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